Innovative Intelligent Internet of Things

About Us

It all started with the need. The need to make home more safer, and more comfortable. Three friends who were enjoying the facilities of the developed world for almost a decade in different properous corners the world, who were absorbed in the feeling of safety in their house unit and also within their area of their condominiums

They were accustomed to the comfort of the organized and managed environment which the society had to provide. This all made them to realize to bring all this security and comfort to their real abode, to their hometown - Delhi. They had shared most of their pre and post college life in Delhi. They knew their city and its problems. One day they met together and discussed this need, and they found the real similarities between their views. They understood that saftey starts with home. They also understood that what modern day technolgy can provide to the world and how it can be used to make life easier, safer and more valuable. They understood that this country needs more oppotunities to allow technolgy to play its part more and more to eradicate the home security related crimes from the news media. It needs more innovation and intelligence to get it done. Thus they came up with this idea of innovative inetelligent internet of things - IIIOT.

IIIOT Core Values

Its not just our core value, its the very source which is the driving factor for our company. Innovation to us is as complex as unlocking a new value chain for our society, and as simple as looking at something from different point of view to fulfill the uncompleteness we live with. With this world which is not only growing very rapidly but also very hastily, its creating so many shadows for the crime to thrive into. We feel that this is the need of today's world to innovate more and more into the sphere of our lives to which we give our most importance to - home security.
We thrive to provide our best effort and continued persistance to fulfill our promises. We also believe in going a step further to fulfill the expectations of our customers even if they are a little out of the scope of our products and services in order to broaden our purview. We understand that behind every effortless customer experience there has to be a lot of persistant effort involved. Diligence is the key to acheive what we aim for, and would always be. As the client expectations are continously changing in this competative world, we seek to improve continously.
We understand the importance of trust. That is the building block of any relationship. Our vision of the relationship to be persued with our customers is largely based on trust, with a zero tolerance approach towards it. Being accountable not only helps to build that trust, it also helps to grow our image. Thus taking responsibility and being accountable for the lifecycle of the service delivery, building the transparancy with each customer interaction and not compromising the virtue of it is what makes as one of the pillars of our core values.
We believe in going extra mile while delivering solution. We provide an experience that leaves a marked impression on the customer. We take input at every steps of marketing and project execution . Based on the customer input and feedback necessary steps are taken to improve our service and exceed customer customer. Below are the steps which we follow for customer delight Always Be Timely Always Listen To Your Customers. Give them what they need not what they want We give Customers A Point of Contact
We focus on customer excellance by Successfully measuring service quality to improve performance Providing a consistent level of customer experience across all channels Boosting employee knowledge through strategic knowledge sharing Giving the customer more control with self-service technology Motivate and train your technicians to go beyond basic repair Up-skill help desk resource to provide remote service Stay one step ahead of the customer with proactive maintenance
Customer Delight