Innovative Intelligent Internet of Things

Solar Lights

Solar Sky Lights

Solar sky lights interact with the sun and clouds to dim and brighten indoor lighting which helps to conserve energy and a building’s interior lighting controls actually sense when the sun is available as natural day lighting and when it is not available or cloud cover has formed dimming the day light. ... !!!

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Photovoltaic Lights

At IIIOT refer to solar lighting is again a photovoltaic (PV) module that collects energy from the sun and stores it in batteries to operate the required wattage of light at night... !!!

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Hybrid Solar Lights

The grid interactive solar lighting systems or sometimes referred to as hybrid systems. These systems actually have three meaning within their own meaning. One type of hybrid system is a system that generally only has solar modules and no battery. This system usually has a meter and what is generates while the sun is out goes directly into the grid. ... !!!!

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Other Value Add

Approval & Liasoning

Approvals and Liasoning which is initial stage of solar project development includes project registration , LTOA , plant commissioning , power purchase agreement with private and government body , Renewable energy certificate , accreditation certificate , National load dispatch center registration and other land related paper work.

Plant Design & Engineering

Plant designing includes analysis of project sites soil, weather, wind, radiance, and topography. These paramater analysis are key for creating maximum tangible and ingtangible value to the customer. It also includes selection of latest and best solar modules considering there capacity and efficiency , Markings based on topographical sheet so that panels are mounted as per the markings with minimum disturbance to the environment.

Construction Management

Construction management includes designing the solar panel structure so that solar panel stand with all types of environment conditions with earthing effects .

Procurement Management

It includes managing global supply chain of Tier 1 manufactures of solar solutions with proper TAT, Inventory Management, Integrated planning, scheduling and execution system

Operation and Maintainence

O & M includes using technology for cleaning, site monitoring , preventive and reactive maintainence , details analysis on expected and observed solar yields !!!

Project Finnacial Modelling

FInancial Modelling includes understanding the customer and proposing best economical and viable solutions . It can be capex model, opex model or RESCO model ...

The Process We Follow

Consulting and Advisory

IIIOT consulting steps involves understanding high level customer expectation and requirement, providing advisory suggestion on market trend w.r.t Solar Projects implementation, understanding the current and future needs of solar projectss. We do strategic fitment between expectation , requirement , market trends , future needs and most importantly budget to suggest most viable Scable, robust and durable solar projects implementation

We provide blue print of our consulting document and further further feedback/ suggestion, which can be incorporated as master document to proceed with any type of Solar projects

IIIOT Solar Project Execution Process

IIIOT folllows PMI Standard during the executions of Solar Projects. We do site visites, requirment analysis , gap analysis, project execution and testing .

Also very important customer acceptance testing and feedback during the executions is key differentiation

IIIOT Solar Projects post sales support

We provide post sales support by our dedicated services engineer . We provide 6 month post sales support which is one of the unique service proposition

We listen customer concerns properly and suggest our recommendation before resolving any issue. We take customer feedback post service and look into all feedback very sincerly !!

Our Solar Solution- OEM Partner

IIIOT have partnered with Tier 1 Solar Solution components manufactures which includes solar panel, inverters , solar battery, DC cables/ AC cables and other BOS systems !!!