Innovative Intelligent Internet of Things

IIIOT Home Automation Products

Control, Secure and Monitor your Home using IIIOT Smart Home Products and Solutions We are building wireless Home to increase comfort and convenience

IIIOT Smart Gateway

IIIOT Zigbee Smart Gateway to control all your lighting , security camera, Appliance

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IIIOT Smart Plug

IIIOT Smart Plug to Control your Appliances like AC, refrigerator, microwave, etc

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IIIOT Smart Camera

IIIOT Smart Camera to moinitor your home to avoid any mishap. Recording data can be store on cloud or SD card

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Alarm to your relatives during emergency. Very useful for your children & old parent

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IIIOT Door Sensor

IIIOT Smart Door sensor to prevent intruders by alarming and sending notification in mobile applications

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IIIOT Smart RGB Bulb

IIIOT Smart RGB with changing color options and control using mobile apps. Luminosity control as well

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IIIOT Smart Smoke Detector

IIIOT Smart Smoke Detector will help you during fire in home or office. Get alarm & notification on your apps

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IIIOT Motion Sensor System

Detect any movement in your home during out of your home or office. Get alarm/ notification in your mobile apps

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