Innovative Intelligent Internet of Things

IIIOT Unique and Innovative solutions for Home and Industry using Automation & Solar

We provide customize home and industry automation and Solar solutions for your needs which secure your home,use reneable energy, reduce energy consumptions, save time and money and overall increases Convenience and Comforts

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Solution Offering

Innovative Intelligent Internet of Things

Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation includes Smart Kitchen, Smart Lighting , Smart Climate, Smart Appliance , Smart Curtains, Smart Sensor and Smart Garden

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Roof & Others Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions includes offfrid solar solutions, on grid solar solution, hybrid solar solutions, solar water heater, solar submersible pumps and many more.........

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Building Integrated Solar

Building Integrated Solar Solution don't need to occupy land area and roof area ( in may cases). It power by creating solar envelope accross all four side of high rise building ...

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Industrial Automation Solutions

Industrial Automationincludes Parking Solution, Smart HVAC, M2M integration for Manufacturing Industry, IOT for Logistic, Supply Chain, HealthCare Industry

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Hotel and Hospitality Automation Solutions

Hotel and Hospitality Automation Includes Guest Room Automation, Common Area Automation, Smart Rooms, Smart Energy Solutions, Smart Facility Systems, etc

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Smart System for Corporates

Smart System for Corporates Security System Automation, Smart Building Management System, Smart Cubicle, Smart Energy Solutions, Smart Facility Systems, etc

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About Us

Innovative Intelligent Internet of Things
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Home and Industrial Automation

IIIOT Infotech is part of HammerDesk.Com home services. During inceptions of HammerDesk our visionary founder thought Home Services without home automation is incomplete. To fill the gap we incorporated IIIOT Infotech.

IIIOT Infotech main focus area is automation & Solar. We have already put more than 10000 hours in building the concept and many hours in building the products and services around solar and automation..

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It all started with the need. The need to make home more safer, and more comfortable. Three friends who were enjoying the facilities of the developed world for almost a decade in different properous corners the world, who were absorbed in the feeling of safety in their house unit and also within their area of their condominiums. They were accustomed to the comfort of the organized and managed environment which the society had to provide. This all made them to realize to bring all this security and comfort to their real abode, to their hometown - Delhi. They had shared most of their pre and post college life in Delhi. They knew their city and its problems. One day they met together and discussed this need, and they found the real similarities between their views. They understood that saftey starts with home. They also understood that what modern day technolgy can provide to the world and how it can be used to make life easier, safer and more valuable. They understood that this country needs more oppotunities to allow technolgy to play its part more and more to eradicate the home security related crimes from the news media. It needs more innovation and intelligence to get it done. Thus they came up with this idea of innovative intelligent internet of things - IIIOT.
Our company logo is our Mascots. III (TRIPPLE I) being our Mascot has a purpose behind it. The purpose is to achieve our organization objective and strengthen business pillars of being Innovative and Intelligent with the use of internet which is help in building connected system across Home, City, Country and Globe.
Extreme care and thought are put into each product feature and innovations have emerged to help make the job safer and more efficient. Each feature on our products is purposefully designed to optimize the value the customer receives. We offer unique technological innovations that remain untouched in the market. When purchasing with IIIOT you can expect a difference in productivity and home surveillance. Customer’s safety is a top priority, so we design products that work to mitigate risk of any safety issue to the customers through well-designed product features. We know our customers’ everyday problems and our solutions help overcome them. From the first moment of collaboration, our customer has no reason to doubt our expertise, reliability and professionalism. We are the technological leader in the market and innovation is an integral part of our DNA. Our commitment is to help create the future of modern safety and surveillance tools. We do not convince customers, but consult with them to meet their needs. We transform each order into an exciting experience, inspired by the flawless connection between state-of-the-art technology and attractive design.

Innovative Intelligent Internet of Things

Building connected Ecosystem system for Future

Why Choose IIIOT

IIIOT core competancy is Solar & Automation. We have dedicated consultant for building Solar, Home Automation and Industry Automation solutions specific to customer requirement and expectation. We design our solution based ob CVP ( Customer Value Proposition) which are scalable for future needs and align to market trends

Innovative Product & Services

  • Home Security Solutions
  • Solar Solutions
  • Building Intergrated Solution Solution
  • Solar Water Heater, Solar Park, Solar Lights, etc
  • Apartment Automation Solution
  • Hotel Automation Solution
  • Appliance Automation Solution
  • Lightining Automation Solution
  • Home Climate control solution

Our company believe in Innovation which our key growth long terms sustainable strategy which will create win-win situation to every stakeholder in the ecosystem. Our TOC (Theory of Constraint) with innovation strategy designs solution keeping cost, customer expectation, timeline, etc. as key benchmark.

We believes in openness in new ideas which will solve home security and home automation problem. Our innovation experts help customer to resolve the pain areas.

Experienced Team for implementation & Support

  • Interdisciplinary team work
  • Intermediate care
  • Transitional care
  • Systematic review of work done
  • Evidence synthesis
  • Quantitative and Qualitative research

We’re 100% focused on creating smart solutions for automation and solar. All of our staff are experienced in the IoT space. We know what hurdles to expect when creating an IoT product and how to clear them. We take your idea from concept to full scale production. Our diverse staff will help you with initial product design, 3D mockups, electrical and mechanical engineering, wireless or wired communication, device firmware, cloud software, apps and so much more.

IoT is a rapidly changing space. You want to get your idea to market as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with a variety of IoT platforms to rapidly prototype your idea and get you ready for full scale production as cost effectively as possible.

100% Satisfaction

When you're happy—we're happy. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know! We love hearing your feedback—the good, the bad and the ugly—we're always looking for new ways to improve.

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8*5 Support

  • Increased communication
  • Fixing, Optimizing, and Repairing within defined SLA

We believes no services is complete without customer support . We provide onsite and remote support to our customer

Our Solutions - Brand Partner

IIIOT provides best in class Home & Industrial Automation Services. We partner with below brands for different solutions offering. We have own brand IIIOT for Home Automation